5 Apr 2021

Do web developers use WORDPRESS WP?

WORDPRESS WP To build out your website, you may find yourself in the position of looking for a web developer for your business. You might have some questions regarding the technologies that he/she knows.

After researching some popular technologies and platforms, WordPress keeps performing in multiple searches.

So, do web developers use WordPress?

A considerable number of expert web developers use WordPress for web development. As WordPress skills nearly 28.9% of the web, developers’ demand for this skillset has continued consistently over the last ten years.

The WordPress platform is a distinction for its simple-to-use content management systems capabilities. Customers want to manage their site content on a platform with a good reputation, so the ability to use a CMS like this also drives the WordPress developers’ market.


Is WordPress good for building websites?


While that can’t do rejected that WordPress has remained supreme in its reign of client content management systems, a popular platform doesn’t always relate to the best option. So, is WordPress good for building websites?

WordPress gives enough website builders for those looking for a good experience that can also offer great customization. Due to its popularity, it provides an excellent base with excellent built-in security.

It’s a platform that is very close to a lot of the web developer population. Website owners have access to a wide range of possible hires to work on their WordPress products.

  • It is a staple of building websites for a wide range of use cases, including Bloggers
  • Info Sites
  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs


WordPress’s extensive plugins and features


Maybe one of WordPress’s various appealing aspects is its massive ecosystem of plugins and features.

A plugin can be got for pretty much any piece of functionality coveted from a website owner.

The sheer number of options available is unrivaled by any other website platform. Due to this extensive ecosystem of plugins, many find this the most compelling reason to create WordPress websites.

The market for plugins is open-source, meaning that anyone can create plugins or themes to enhance a site’s functionality.


Any of these plugins deal with:

  • SEO
  • Data Backups
  • Custom Themes
  • Improve Writing Experiences
  • Analytics
  • Sliders
  • Social Sharing
  • Image Optimisation 
  • Caching
  • Galleries
  • Ecommerce Shops




While I have alluded to some accessibility of a WordPress installation, how exactly does that work?

Well, it has a good, natural interface with which a website buyer can interact with. It’s not as simple as moving and dropping blocks of functionality. However, it is comparatively straightforward to navigate.

A considerable advantage is the experience of website owners to make changes by themselves. By simply logging into a WordPress dashboard, plenty of settings can be tweaked without the use of a web developer.

Instead of paying an hourly market rate for a developer to update the website, non-technical website owners still have plenty of control dictating fundamental changes to their business or product.

WORDPRESS WP is an Old Platform


While WordPress is indeed a viable option to create websites, its time in modern web development is not totally without fault.

WordPress as a technology platform is coming up to 10 years old. As a result, it is no longer powered by any of the latest activities and web technology modifications.

Finally, WordPress as a website builder produces a static website. This type of website is moderately dated compared to the technology powering the latest web applications.

What WordPress, as a website builder wants, is the ability to produce cutting-edge web applications. Why does this matter? Well, there are a vast amount of benefits to web applications that you check out here.


What do Web developers use to build websites?


While WordPress is undoubtedly a tool that many web developers are proficient in. WordPress is just one of the many tools they can utilize to build high-functioning modern websites for highly skilled developers.

I wanted to investigate just what other technologies web developers use to build websites. Here are the results I found for the leading website builder technologies on the web.