By Freelancers for Freelancers

Adaptels welcomes freelancers in the web & mobile development space to join us

Why Join Us?

Don't have to look for projects

One of the biggest challenge of being a freelancer is to look for a constant stream of projects to work on.

With Adaptels, you can leave it to us to find projects for you to work on.

Only talk to technical project manager

As a freelancer, we often have to understand requirements from non-technical requirements from clients and communicate technical concepts to clients in a non-technical manner.

With Adaptels, we will take care of this for you. All you ever need to do is to take instructions from our technical project manager.

Work more and get paid more

In freelancing, projects are usually charged using a flat fee with a certain set of pre-defined requirements, which often go out of scope very quickly.

With Adaptels, we only believe in charging by the hour, so the more work you produce for our clients, the more you get paid.

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