27 Apr 2021


WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN Once you have everything in position, it’s time to go to the following step and set up your new site. We’ll include the moves to install WordPress, your theme needed plugins, WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN, and create your pages.

WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN Firstly you’ll need to install WordPress. When you acquire a hosting plan, your hosting provider will email you the parts required to log in to your account’s backend. Use the username and password they send you and visit the link to your account’s dashboard or cPanel.

I will present you with a plan to open the username and key you’ll use on login into your WordPress dashboard. You’ll additionally need to register your email address, site name, and information and choose a list to install WordPress.

After the installation has finished, you will see a message that WordPress has done installed. You can now login to your WordPress dashboard with the username and password you selected during the installation process.


Comparing Your WordPress Theme WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN

Following you have logged in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add new. Next, click Upload Theme.

You have to take the zipped folder containing the theme’s folders and upload it. Wait for the installation to finish, then click Activate.


Installing Required WordPress Plugins WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN


Among the theme begun, your next step is to install any needed plugins. You’ll see information in your dashboard telling you which plugins are required, along with a link leading you straight to the base screen. One in your dashboard, look for the WordPress icon. Now, most web hosts have a one-click WordPress install, but if your host doesn’t have it, look for a part called Website Installers, Softaculous, or One Click Installers. Find WordPress, select it, and click Install.

Customizing Your Simple Website Design


Once the WordPress theme has been begun and all the needed plugins installed, it’s time to customize your website design, content appearance and immediately set up your pages.

Sending and Adding Your Content WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN


The fastest way to set up your site is to import the demo content. In your dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data. Click the button and wait for the import process to finish. The tool will import all the pages, blog posts, and theme settings.

Behind all the content that has done imported, go to Pages > All pages and click to view any page, so your package finds a layout appropriate for your site’s purpose. When you’ve found a design for the homepage that you like, go to Settings > Reading and choose that page as your homepage. Do the same for the posts page. Then, click on Save Settings.

To follow the demo content with your own, click on Edit with Visual Composer. Here will enable you to replace the content easily or join new elements with a quick drag-and-drop.



Next, you’ve ordered all the pages, and you want to add a navigation menu so guests can find their way around your site and find the information they need.


Styling Your Simple Website Theme WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN


Here is the last step is to customize your current website design. In your dashboard, go to the Smart Options menu in the sidebar. From hither, you can upload your logo and favicon, enter a description and title for your site, customize blog settings, and more.

Create Your Site Quickly With a Simple WordPress Theme


Doing a simple WordPress template to create your website design is an excellent way to get your site up and running quickly without getting overwhelmed with all the treatment options and using too much time on customizations.

The Smart WordPress theme is only one example of a single WordPress theme with premium design options, much more available on ThemeForest. Please browse our collection of simple WordPress themes to find the one that catches your eye and use it to get your site up and run as fast as possible.