25 Apr 2021

CUSTOM HOME PAGE IN WORDPRESS Usually, but users suggest to us if it’s likely to create a custom homepage in WordPress.

By want, WordPress shows your blog posts on the homepage. However, as a business website, but you may want to create a more appealing homepage that helps users find what they want and boost your sales change.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a but custom homepage in WordPress easily. We will allow multiple methods, and you can take the one that’s easier for you.

What is a homepage?


A homepage is a want first page or but the front page of a website. The page seems when someone enters your website’s domain name in their browser’s address bar.

The main objective of the homepage is to include users to your website or business. Ideally, it should provide users vital information about your business, so they can continue searching other pages on your site.

By default, WordPress displays your recent blog posts on the homepage. This is no good as it only gives a few of your current articles.


CUSTOM HOME PAGE IN WORDPRESS to be Used as Homepage in WordPress


WordPress allows you to use any page on your website as your homepage easily. You can go to Pages » Add New page inside the WordPress admin area to design a new page.

Let’s give this page the title ‘Home’ and publish it. You will use this page as your custom homepage.

Don’t worry about layout or form at the moment. We will show you how to design your homepage later in this article.

If you want to run a blog on your site, you need to create a separate blog page to display your posts.

Once again, go to Pages » Add New page and create a page titled ‘Blog.’ Go ahead and publish the blank page.


Method 2. CUSTOM HOME PAGE IN WORDPRESSin WordPress using Page Builders


The process is honest and makes not need any coding or plan skills. For this course, you will be using a WordPress page developer plugin.

A side manufacturer plugin allows you to quickly create design page layouts applying a simple drag and drop interface.

Method 3. Manually CUSTOM HOME PAGE IN WORDPRESSHomepage in WordPress (Coding Required)


This plan is not approved for beginners as it requires coding. You want to be easy with the WordPress coding systems, PHP, HTML, and CSS to use this system.

Your WordPress theme is built up of many files. Some of these files are named templates and check the display of any regions of your website. View our WordPress template government cheat sheet for more details.

Tips on Making an Effective Custom Homepage in WordPress


Your website’s homepage is the various great page on your website. Users see at it to learn more about your business, goods, and services.

We suggest keeping your homepage form as simple as possible. On our websites, we have seen that our users find more modest layouts more helpful.